Fall 2020 - in Collaboration with Openlands 

Thank you to everyone who attended this workshop focusing on tree activities K-12 in virtual and in person classrooms!


Danielle Russell - Openlands 

Michael Beyer - Openlands

Ylanda Wilhite - CEE

Ayesha Qazi - CEE 

Fall 2020 

Thank you to everyone who attended this important workshop!

2020 Participants 

Brian Lampert

Melissa Hernandez

Sol Hinami-Mayorga

Darrin Collins

Daniel Fernandez

Mariel Rancel

Ginger Nepomuceno-Cacnio

Elizabeth Alba

Oscar Najera

Vanessa Flores

Cristina Lara

Laura Pavlik

Arthur Wawrzyczek

Stephanie Batres Spezza

Maria Varelas

Dave Bild 

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